Kidd Wadsworth

Kidd Wadsworth began her professional life as a PhD in
Electrical Engineering, designing computer chips which passed
electrical signals to living human cells. Craving a different type of
creative expression, she chose to leave engineering and re-educate
herself as a writer. Her first novel, Trident, Sam and Malloy, brings
to life a concept she observed daily as an engineer: that the most
brilliant scientists—those whose work sparkles—are those with
fantastic imaginations. The greats of the scientific world draw pictures,
they use crayons, they routinely get excited, they imagine,
and what they imagine becomes real. Kidd writes to bring to life
our magical, fire-breathing world, the one we so often miss, where
real people have super powers and fight evil villains.

An Element of Mystery: Sweet, Funny and Strange Tales of Intrigue
Fur, Feather, and Scales: Sweet, Funny, and Strange Animal Tales
Untethered: Sweet, Funny, and Strange Tales of the Paranormal

Untethered: Sweet, Funny, and Strange Tales of the Paranormal


Stoke the campfire and get ready for some chills and goosebumps when you open this paranormal addition to the award-winning Bethlehem Writers Group's "Sweet, Funny, and Strange" anthologies.


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Once Upon a Time: Sweet, Funny, and Strange Tales for All Ages