It was suggested to Marianne H. Donley, when she was six, that she become a math teacher. Flush from the success of teaching her five-year old sister how to add and subtract, this seemed like an excellent idea. After a few math classes, Marianne realized math teachers routinely lie to their students. Examples: You can’t subtract a larger number from a smaller number. You can’t divide a smaller number by a larger number. When you multiply two numbers the product is always larger. She continued taking math courses because she figured she would eventually learn that you can divide by zero. While that never happened, she did teach mathematics to a variety of students from middle school to university level without ever lying to them.

She now writes fiction from short stories to funny romances and quirky murder mysteries. She makes her home in Pennsylvania with her husband and a tank full of multiplying fish that she would like to trade in on a new puppy.

She is a member of TheBWG, SinC, Guppies, RWA, OCC/RWA, and PLRW.